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about usShenzhen kindwei Technology Co., Ltd.

Kindwei is a leading tempered glass screen protector manufacuturer.Founded in 2003,we've been dedicating in optical glass research and development for over 16 years.In 2010,we began to develop tempered glass, we are the pioneer manufacturers that provide large volume screen protector since 2012.

We are equiped with 102 sets CNC,58 sets polisher,38 set tempering machine,40 sets laminating machine,28 sets ultrasonic cleaning machine in two sites. We can daily make 80K screen protector for tablets’ and 100K for phones.

  • 16Years of experience
  • 264Production equipment
  • 5500Production base
  • 5000MOQ

production ability

production ability

Top 3 domestic shipments

We have also equiped quality/reliability test equipment : quadratic dimension tester,stress tester,drop ball tester,water angle tester,abrasion tester to ensure every piece shipped screen protector is with perfect angle shape,high sensitivity , high transparency ,high precise size to the consumers to have the best experience using our products.


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